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This is the body of worlds foumous rally car


Restauration of 1968 championship rally car



Recently Porsche Finland recovered the Porsche Works rallycar.

Thatwon the rally ship in 1968 with driver Pauli Toivonen

There where only Two Porsche works rally cars at the time

One where driven by Vic Elvord the other one by Pauli Toivonen

These cars where based on the 911T with a tuned 911 S engine

and became the first in the range off light weight

When found it had spent 20 years rallying in the Finnisch forests

and was in Terrible state   It even had a turbo charcher fitted with

vast wheel arches and a bigger rear wing to match.

I had rebuild it to how it was in 1968 and with all the details

correct it will be just as it was in 1968.


Only the welding and sanding of these Rally Car

became from my Hand  by us in to the Body Shop


And  Mika Hakkinen is going to drive it when its finished...








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